We organize different routes that include the historical and cultural heritage of Montevideo and specialized guides will show them to you.

We give a fast and efficient answer to conferences, conventions, diplomats and embassies.

Our radio-controlled cars with cell phones provide a fast intercommunication between them and the office.

Our fleet includes Mercedes Benz (gray or blue), Peugeot 406 (dark gray or white), Renault Megane (light gray or dark gray), among others.

We have the needed experience on transfers on weddings, fifteenth birthday parties and other important events. Therefore, we provide personalized advice in order to
help you with all the issues that usually worry you in such an important event.

  • Weddings Fares
  • Fares for Fifteenth Birthday Parties

We provide a VIP service, with competitive prices according to your needs and to the event, with a competent staff of good appearance and excellent manners.

Call us! We will be pleased to give you advice with the efficiency that such an
important event requires.