We are a company with a recognized twenty-year experience in the market.

Our office is located in the residential area of Carrasco, on Av. Arocena 1559, at 10 minutes of Carrasco International Airport, surrounded by the most beautiful hotels, such as the significant Hotel Carrasco and the natural environment of Montevideo’s rambla (Riverside Avenue).

We are always improving our company in order to cover your needs and requirements.

We work hard on building a trusting relationship with each of our clients. Therefore, we offer a personalized service 24 hours a day all the year round, with very modern cars with different features that perfectly fit the most demanding requests. All of them are radio-controlled and have a cell phone granting safety all the time. Our fleet includes some fine Mercedes Benz, and Toyota Corolla among others.

Punctuality and professionalism are our most outstanding features, which work as our business card. We add to them excellent commercial references, quality and a variety of personalized services for companies and persons, covering all possible demands and needs.

We thank you for preferring us and we reaffirm our commitment of providing you a safe and efficient service of the highest level.